SHOCKING VIDEO: Melbourne anti-Israel protest riddled with Jew hatred, ignorance


Rebel Australia contributor Leon Kofmansky (KOFY TIME on YouTube, @LK_UAP on X), a former United Australia Party candidate and Orthodox Jew, went undercover at a pro-Hamas rally taking place in Melbourne, Australia on December 17. 

Wearing a cap to cover up his kippa, Leon spoke to demonstrators who openly called for genocide against the Jewish population of Israel. Some of these people showed total ignorance about the most basic facts of the conflict, like what countries Israel borders. 

The mainstream media wants you to think that these “pro-Palestine” protests are “mostly peaceful.” But is it peaceful for a man wearing a keffiyeh to scream in your face that Jews are committing genocide because they are “evil creatures”? If Jews feel the need to hide their Jewish identity at your event, how peaceful can it be?

Leon asked some participants about the meaning of the chant “from the river to the sea.” One woman said this means “it was always Palestine,” completely erasing any historic connection between the Jewish people and their homeland. 

It’s now common for people to wear masks at these protests because they’re scared of being associated with their extremist views. Two of these people told Leon that they support “dismantling” the Zionist state of Israel, or a “one state solution.” One then went on to claim that the Nazis supported the state of Israel in order to get the Jews out of Europe, even though the Nazis were actually allied with the Palestinians during World War II. 

One young man at the demonstration mistakenly thought Israel was located on the Black Sea, but he was confident in claiming that “throughout history, the Jewish people have traditionally been aggressors in many wars.” He said he had never heard the common river to the sea slogan, or the word intifada, which calls for a violent uprising against Jewish people. 

This same person then went on to say that calling Hamas a terrorist group is “ridiculous.” His friend chimed in to say that Hamas, a group which slaughtered, burned and raped 350 people at a music festival on October 7, is fighting oppression!

This is the kind of hatred and ignorance that is on full display at these protests taking place across Australia and the rest of the West. How did we get here? 

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