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By Senator Jacinta Price

We’re coming to the close of 2023 and it’s a good time for reflection and remembering what we achieved this year.

So it’s natural the Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, sent out a video trumpeting his “achievements” in the last 12 months.

The video is a remarkable exercise in gaslighting and political narcissism where the Matildas and Vegemite get a mention.

But somehow the first referendum held in 24 years and the thing he staked his legacy on was not mentioned once!

Alan Joyce, gay,former Qantas CEO
is a great mate of Airbus Albo

I get it – it must have been humiliating to realise Alan Joyce and Shaquille O’Neal don’t accurately reflect the views of mainstream Australians.

But he’s the Prime Minister.

He’s meant to take responsibility, not memory-hole things that are inconvenient for his personal crusade to be the star of Prime Minister: The Movie.

$400 million and most of the political debate for the year was taken up by the referendum and Amnesiac Albo is hoping you’ll just forget it.

But while it’s one thing to forget a comprehensive democratic defeat to your activist agenda, what makes it worse is that the consequences have fallen once again on our most marginalised.

Because since the referendum there has been no effort to take the lessons and then get on with the job of addressing the issues in remote Aboriginal communities.

I’ve been calling for a Royal Commission to the sexual abuse of Indigenous children.

But the Prime Minister is still licking his wounds and taking his time.

In the meantime, while he waits for the policy that will make him look the best in his future autobiography, kids continue to live in poverty and abuse.

There’s a few other things he forgot to mention too, like the fact that crime is still rife in Alice Springs.

Or that Australians continue to pay more for petrol, power, and groceries.

So much for that promise that we’d be $275 better off because he’d lower the price of electricity.

Oh, and don’t forget Albo being asleep at the wheel when 150 illegal immigrants, many of whom were convicted of serious crimes, were released into the community and he had no plan to address it. 

And now just this week we’re witnessing an unfolding disaster in our defence force as he refuses to help allies while cutting the defence budget and compromising our national security.

I guess it’s easy to forget these local failures when you’re spending most of your time overseas.

So maybe during this Christmas break, the best response to Albo forgetting his failures is for all of us to forget him for a couple of weeks.

Spend time with your family and friends, relax, and focus on the things that matter.

And have a great Christmas and New Year.

See you in 2024.

Yours for REAL solutions,


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