Unexpected departure of NHTSA’s Ann Carlson raises questions on EV regulations and signals shifting administrative priorities.


Ann Carlson’s unexpected departure as acting administrator for NHTSA raises questions about the continuity of EV regulations. While the DOT cites the Vacancies Reform Act as the reason, her role in shaping regulations to promote electric vehicle usage makes this move significant. The memo emphasizes her leadership achievements, including advancements in vehicle safety standards and recalls. The transition to a senior advisor and Chief Counsel hints at ongoing support, but the timing and circumstances suggest potential shifts in the administration’s approach to EV policies. This departure underscores the evolving landscape of regulatory priorities within the Biden administration.

via foxnews:

A top federal official who helped craft regulations aimed at pushing future electric vehicle (EV) use is departing the Biden administration in an unexpected move, according to an internal agency memo obtained by Fox News Digital.

Ann Carlson — who is currently the acting administrator for the Department of Tranportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) — will step down from her role on Dec. 26, 2023, and depart the agency entirely at the end of January. Patrick Lally, who heads NHTSA’s governmental affairs office, made the announcement in a memo circulated among agency staff late Friday.

“Ann has been a tremendous leader — her time as Acting Administrator of NHTSA was time limited under the Vacancies Reform Act,” a DOT spokesperson told Fox News Digital in a statement. “She is returning to her previous role of senior advisor and Chief Counsel for one month to assist with the transition.”

“Under her leadership, NHTSA strengthened child seat standards, moved to require Automated Emergency Braking in light and heavy vehicles, oversaw major recalls, held registered importers and those who commit odometer fraud accountable for their bad acts, and after horrific increases in previous years, for six straight quarters roadway fatalities have declined,” the statement continued.

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