Trans-Identified Male Gains Changing Rights in Girls’ Locker Room in West Virginia High School


Last Updated on December 15, 2023

A West Virginia high school student has exposed Kanawha County Schools’ embrace of transgenderism that’s included underage girls being forced to undress in front of a man proclaiming womanhood despite objections from parents and the girls themselves.

Nila Thompson blew the whistle on the trans locker room madness at a Kanawha County School Board meeting in September of this year, after being subjected to a trans-identified male who stood in the female locker room watching a high school dance class full of girls change clothes.

“On August 21st, I walked into my dance class changing room, to see an almost adult man standing in the females’ locker room,” Thompson told the school board. “Not only would he go into the changing room and not even change, but he would stand there and watch as other biological females undressed.”

“When I expressed these concerns to my mother, who immediately took them up with the principal, the solution, or lack thereof, was beyond disappointing,” Thompson went on, before explaining how the school’s “solution” to the issue was to discriminate against actual women, rather than the male imposter.

“I was told, along with the rest of the class, that if any female in any way felt uncomfortable with changing in the female locker room, they could go into the men’s because it was unoccupied during the period,” Thompson said, recounting the school district’s so-called solution.

“The solution you provided leaves me with the impression that you do not care for the safety, rights, or protection of young women in your schools.”

“Did it ever occur to you that by allowing a biological man to infiltrate women’s spaces, you are discriminating against me and every other woman in that space?” Thompson asked the board members, who sat silently.

“But I guess to be fair, the current society no longer cares for the rights of biological women. Needless to say, I opted to drop the class and switch to one that does not subject me to being un-consensually exposed in front of the opposite sex,” said Thompson, going on to blast the persecution of young women and girls who have refused to be sexually assaulted by the trans movement and its government stooges.

Watch Nila Thompson’s school board speech below: 

The situation in Kanawha County Schools, which is the largest public school district in West Virginia and is home to over 25,000 K-12 students, is similar to those that have played out time and time again across the nation, largely since 2020, when the LGBT agenda was thrust onto children full force.

National File has extensively covered the issue, including in neighboring Virginia, where a pro-trans bathroom/locker room policy in Loudoun County similar to that seen in Kanawha directly led to the systematic rape of multiple high school girls at the hands of a “gender-fluid” attacker.

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