Steven Guilbeault refuses to admit CO2 emissions for the third time


Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault has dodged two previous order paper inquiries that mandated his ministry to disclose the carbon emissions resulting from his travels on government business.

Conservative MP Gerard Deltell posed the inquiry into the environmental minister’s carbon footprint, seeking details about avowed socialist environmentalist Guilbeault’s carbon-intensive career. This included questioning why certain flights were chosen as opposed to more green public transportation options or virtual meeting attendance.

According to the response tabled in the House of Commons by the Environment Ministry, the department does not track carbon emission data.

“The information requested is not systematically tracked in a centralized database. A manual collection of information is required. Unfortunately, the department is unable to produce a comprehensive response within the allotted time.”

This is the third time the Environment Ministry has admitted to not caring about internal carbon expenditures while imposing a carbon tax, which is one of the leading contributors to Canada’s inflationary crisis.

In November, when Conservative MP Earl Dreeshen asked the ministry for the carbon emissions data from Environment and Climate Change relating to the $700,000 in ministerial travel in 2022, the department could not provide the data.

Prior to that non-answer, a previous order paper question from Deltell just weeks earlier forced Guilbeault’s ministry, including Transport Canada, to admit a failure to track carbon emissions from the department’s airline travel.

At the latest UN Climate Change Conference in UAE in early December, Guilbeault took to the world stage to announce a cap on oil and gas emissions in Canada.

He should cap his first, once he figures out what they are.

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