Senator JD Vance Turns the Tables and Shuts Down Leftist AP “Reporter” After She Asks an Absurd Immigration Question Linking President Trump to Adolf Hitler (AUDIO) | The Gateway Pundit

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Ohio Republican Senator JD Vance this week flipped the tables and shut down a leftist journalist asking an absurd question that linked President Trump to Adolf Hitler on immigration.

Trump pointed out at a campaign rally in New Hampshire last weekend that illegal aliens, who have stormed the border in record numbers with the Biden regime’s full approval, are ruining American society. Democrats and their corporate media allies went hysterical because Trump used the phrase “poisoning the blood,” falsely claiming he was echoing Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf.

Trump, of course, was not referring to race like Hitler did in his infamous book. He pointed out a self-made national crisis using politically incorrect language.

On Tuesday, an Associated Press reporter confronted Vance on Capitol Hill regarding Trump’s remarks. Vance turned the tables on her almost immediately.

He first fact-checked her by pointing out that Trump was talking about illegals, not legal immigrants. He went on to correctly point out illegal aliens were bringing in fentanyl, which has been poisoning American blood for years.

Then things only got worse when she compared Trump’s righteous comments to Hitler while snidely telling Vance, “I’m sure you’re a student of history.”

But she could barely get in another word while Vance went on a warpath. He destroyed the ridiculous Hitler analogy and pointed out she did not listen to Trump’s speech.

He then slammed the liberal media’s deliberate efforts to misinform the public and slammed the reporter for trying to use her power to shut down Trump so people don’t notice the man responsible for the fentanyl crisis: Biden.

In all, this was a nearly two-minute destruction. The Daily Caller’s Henry Rodgers captured audio of the entire exchange.


Reporter: What do you have to say to the former president’s comments over the weekend about immigrants and saying that they are “poisoning the blood of America?”

Vance: First of all, he didn’t say immigrants were poisoning the blood of this country. He said, “Illegal immigrants were poisoning the blood of the country,” which is objectively and obviously true to anybody who looks at the statistics about fentanyl overdoses. And just one observation about the press as an organization: You guys seem far more upset about the guy who criticized the problem than you did about Joe Biden, who’s causing the problem.

Reporter: Can we just go back to his comments and the sort of language that we heard during World War II? I’m sure you’re a student of history and you’re well aware of what that type of language represents in historical context.

Vance: What organization do you represent?

Reporter: I work at the Associated Press.

Vance: You just framed your question implicitly, assuming that Donald Trump is talking about Adolf Hitler. It’s absurd! It is absurd.

Why do you think that Donald Trump’s language is targeted at the blood of the immigrants and not at the blood of the American citizens who are being poisoned by the fentanyl problem?”

Reporter: You think he was referring to fentanyl?

Vance: I think this is ridiculous. If you watch the speech, it is obvious that he was talking about the very clear fact that the blood of Americans is being poisoned by a drug epidemic.

To take his comment and then immediately assume that he’s talking about immigrants as Adolf Hitler talked about Jews is preposterous!

Reporter (tries to interrupt but fails): But using that kind of language…

Vance (shutting her down): You guys need to wake up and actually do some journalism. Here’s the problem with that question and that framing: You are allegedly a journalist. You’re supposed to speak truth to power, and yet you’re trying to circumscribe and narrow the limits of debate on immigration in this country.

What you’re doing is not speaking truth to power. You’re trying to police the guy who’s criticizing the problem so that Americans don’t pay attention to the guy who caused the problem.

It’s an absurd question. It’s an absurd framing.


A politician refusing to play the corporate media’s games while maintaining political agility is rare on Capitol Hill. America needs more people like Vance to represent them in government.

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