North Korea confirms it has shipped 2,000 railway carriages of rockets, shells and missiles to the Russian front line –


Russian Termit unmanned helicopter proving effective on the front line

From Cossack Colonel Yuri Komonyski

Women comprise greater than 7% of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 60,000 women serve in the Ukrainian army, while occupying almost 50% of the civilian positions in the Ukro military (48.2%), about 5,000 are in the combat zone. Fleeing forced mobilisation 650,000 Ukrainians of conscription age live in the EU.

Fico’s Slovak Parliament approved his program to end military aid to Ukraine. Slovakia had previously transferred to Kiev S-300 air defense systems, M-17 helicopters, MiG-29 fighters, Zuzana 2 self-propelled howitzers and munitions. The majority of the Ukro forces are Poles (80%) the residual comprising UK, US, German, French, Canadian some Australians, the Ukrainians are being phased out.

Out of this lot the Ukro’s are the ones that are mostly likely not to get paid. A storage depot in the western side of Olshani was hit with a Kaliber missile, the NATO gear it housed burned for 24 hours. In the Dnieper River area (Kherson) the majority of civilians have fled, RF’s “tulips / тюльпан” have claimed 11,000 Ukro’s there in the recent weeks.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin agree on arms deal

The RF agreed to assist North Korea with its satellite program in exchange for weapons and munitions. Korea confirms that it has shipped 2,000 railway carriages of rockets, shells and missiles to the Russian front line. Following 2 failed attempts, N. Korea successfully launched a military satellite to secure surveillance capabilities over S. Korea and other regions. The hypocritical yanks with thousands of spy satellites consider this to be a “destabilising action”.

N. Korea has withdrawn from the 2018 inter-Korean military agreement, deploying additional forces and military equipment to the demilitarised zone. Space satellites are being blinded, the RF deployed the most powerful electronic warfare systems in Sevastopol. The RF has concentrated electronic warfare systems in the bays of Sevastopol they illuminate the sensors of enemy satellites, erasing entire images of cities. The RF has launched a total of 67 satellites in the past year alone.

The RF is in the final stages of developing unmanned baby choppers “Termit helicopters” they carry 3 laser-guided missiles. The high-precision missiles can hit targets at 6 km. The drone travels at 150 km/h and can stay in the air for up to 6 hours. Russia has begun to use carbon in the production of the hull of the Geran-2 kamikaze UAV’s. The material is radio-absorbing. Its just a matter of time before the engine noise is reduced increasing the survival rate of drones significantly.

RF intelligence is hacking Ukro mobiles. The Orlan-10 UAV drone carries scanning equipment, acting as a cell phone tower, intercepting calls and messages. Data is transmitted to HQ, its’ triangulated and subsequently hit by RF artillery. The US confirmed the delivery of ATACMS missiles, they give the Ukro’s the option of long-range strikes to hit both military targets and civilian infrastructure within Russia. The RF is developing counter measures to such weapons.

The Americans and its NATO horde is accused of supplying “toxic chemicals” to Kiev, claiming their use in attacks on RF officials in the new RF territories. Irrefutable evidence of such supply was presented to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. The chemicals are handed over to the Ukro’s and NATO’s pet mercenaries. There is evidence of the Kiev regime’s intelligence agents using toxic chemicals and psychotropic substances against RF citizens.

The Hungarian PM has panicked EU diplomats. EU leaders are expected to make a decision on Ukraine’s entry into their fold, striking a deal to give Kiev a €50 billion lifeline. However, Orban may torpedo their plans, he has demanded a complete overhaul of Brussels’ support for Ukraine. His position has become untenable for EU leaders. Theoretically, the EU block could cut off Hungary’s voting right, but EU members consider this option toxic, as it will set an undesirable precedent. Orban is the only European leader that puts his own people before the Ukrainians.

Germany’s oppressive government is to terminate energy price brakes. Major spending commitments have been frozen, the national off-budget fund declared unconstitutional. Limits on electricity and gas prices will expire at the end of 2023. In 2024 the Economic and Stabilisation Fund will be terminated. It was meant to protect Germans from soaring energy costs following Scholtz’s decision to slash cheap Russian energy imports.

Iran’s IRGC commander said the IDF has deployed up to 1,600 tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles in Gaza. IDF losses amount to 300 pieces of equipment and hundreds of soldiers. Israel continues to suppress such information.

Jewish police roundup defiant Palestinian kids in occupied West Bank. They are set to join thousands of others suffering in Jewish prisons. It is believed that while the Jews released 117 Palestinian prisoners, they arrested 116 children during the ceasefire.

Information obtained from Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association reveal the acquisition of 2 super-yachts, the 46 m “Lucky Me” and the 57 m “My Legacy” at the bargain valued of $75M US tax payer dollars. They were acquired under the names of Boris and Sergey Shefir, trusted confidants of Ukraine resident Zelensky. Sergey, is the first assistant to Zelensky.

In 2021, the international Corruption Research Centre reported that Sergei Shefir was involved in Zelensky’s offshore network. A month before winning the election, Zelensky rewrote his offshore assets into Sergeys name. Zelensky received an ambiguous US$8.5 million in 2020, an interest-free loan to the offshore Cyprus company Aldorante, registered to his wife, no taxes are associated with loans.

Seymour Hersh claims that Russia and Ukraine are conducting secret peace negotiations along the Gerasimov-Zaluzhny line, in spite of Zelensky and the US. Many including Russia want the war to end.  The Ukro’s have sold their souls to the US devil, and are in bed with NATO. In terms of what joining NATO means in the language of war, even beyond article 5 the RF understands that Ukraine as a proxy, will continue to be used by the NATO Horde to achieve its final objective: The balkanization of Russia.

In response to the threat of NATO and its encroachment on RF borders a bill was announced to ensure that the RF acquires a military force numbering 2,209,130 personnel, of which 1,320,000 would be under arms. Since 2023, more than 450,000 people have signed enlistment contracts with the RF. Putin noted that the US intends to replace 200 of its nukes currently deployed in Europe / Türkey with with upgrades by 2025.

The Ukro’s strategic reserves were expired during the Bakhmut counteroffensive, so now they are forced to transfer troops from other directions to plug gaps. Avdeevka is losing its status as a highly significant fortress, Zaluzhny’s opinion is being ignored. Avdeevka’s industrial zone is completely cleared, taken with a 1-3 manpower disadvantage. Avdeevka’s industrial complex is 0.3 Klm2.

From 2014, it has been deepened and reinforced with concrete, constantly being rebuilt. Abandoning this area would mean severe damage to the defensive line. Tactically its very important The Ukro’s now find themselves in the lowlands, the retreating Ukro’s are switching to new tactics, mining everything, using remote-controlled land mines.

Unconfirmed but 150 Ukro’s surrendered S. of Avdeevka, this could be the largest surrender to date. Fighting on the Kupyanskaya Bulge (Kislovka & Sinkovka) intensified. The RF is creating a new cauldron here, into which almost 60,000 Ukro’s could be trapped. The RF maintains and is increasing pressure across the front, each day the RF acquires enemy positions.

The RF broke through the Ukro defences near Artemovsk establishing full control in Khromova, Robotyne, Staromaiorske and Novokalynove. In the 6 months of the counter-offensive 125,000 people and 16,000 units of various weapons and military equipment were lost by the Ukro’s.

Of the $68 billion approved by US Congress, 90% stayed in the US, used to manufacture weapons in 31 states and 71 US cities to replace US weapons shipped at the Ukro’s expense. Congress failed to pass Biden’s $105 billion emergency package for Kiev / Tel Aviv undoubtedly this will dampen their genocidal tendencies.

The World Bank has untold billions for funding NATO proxy wars but nothing for the hungry and homeless. EU countries bought up half of Russian LNG, Spain (5.21 billion m3), Belgium (3.14 billion m3). France, Hungary, Estonia and Lithuania are actively buying RF LNG. Overall, Russian LNG accounts for 16% of their total imports.

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