Nigel Farage Blasts Coutts Bank After Release of Review in Debanking Scandal ‘Total baloney!’ | The Gateway Pundit


The Gateway Pundit reported that British BREXIT leader Nigel Farage announced that UK banks shut down his accounts without explanation and his intention to take legal action against British Bank NatWest and the bank’s former chief executive, Dame Alison Rose.

Now, Farage is blasting the results of an independent review that found no evidence that NatWest Group’s private bank Coutts has been closing customer accounts due to their political views.

The review did find, however, that the bank may have breached rules by failing to give due notice or explain why they were being shut down.

The Guardian shares that the report, compiled by external lawyers hired by NatWest after a dispute with Farage, said their team “found no evidence of discrimination in any of the exit cases, including no evidence of a customer’s account being escalated for exit, or ultimately being exited, due to their political views or party-political affiliations, or any other protected characteristic.”

NatWest was forced to apologize to Farage after a bank report was released that found he was not “inclusive enough” and was holding “Thatcherite beliefs” and his political positions were the reason he had his accounts closed.

The Daily Mail reported that NatWest was worried after the UK Treasury got involved and spoke out about unfair banking practices based on one’s political beliefs. Treasury announced that UK banks will be subject to “stricter rules” over closing customers’ accounts in an effort to protect freedom of speech in the country.

Speaking with Camilla Tominey on GB News, Farage blasted the review, suggesting law firm Travers Smith had a political bias.

“Total baloney.”

“You only had to read the subject access request, which clearly said I ‘did not align with the values of the bank.’

Watch (discussion of the review begins at 8:25)

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