NEW! Deport Hamas billboard launches in Alberta


The billboard, set up south of Edmonton, will receive 1.3 million monthly impressions. It calls on the feds to deport non-citizen supporters of Hamas, the outlawed terror organization responsible for the deaths of 1,200 Israelis and the kidnapping of 240 others on October 7.

Hamas supporters march the streets of Canadian cities each weekend, chanting for genocide of Jews and calling for boycotts of Jewish-owned business.

It’s hate-mongering; like the a modern version of the Hitler Youth in Nazi Germany.

But Canadians don’t have to put up with non-citizen hatemongers on our streets. The federal government must revoke their student visas and their residency status.

After accusing peaceful Freedom Convoy protesters of being crypto-Nazis, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are doing nothing about guests in our country who support real life Nazi ideologies while rallying in our streets.

It’s long overdue for Trudeau to act.

Go to to sign the petition and donate to keep this important billboard up for as long as possible.

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