Missouri School Board Removes Black History Classes After Vote On Anti Racism Resolution | The Gateway Pundit


Despite previously voting to rescind an anti-discrimination resolution, a Missouri school board voted 5-2 to eliminate elective Black history and literature classes.

The Huffington Post reports

The seven-member Francis Howell School Board voted 5-2 Thursday night to stop offering Black History and Black Literature courses, which had been offered at the district’s three high schools since 2021, KSDK reported. All seven members of the board are white.

“Our students really wanted these electives,” Harry Harris, whose son is a student in the district, said during the board meeting. “Our families really wanted them and our teachers really wanted them. It’s important. It’s been great.”

In July, the conservative-led board revoked an anti-racism resolution that had been passed in 2020 following the police killing of George Floyd.

This resolution, which vowed to fight racism, discrimination, and senseless violence against people no matter their race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or ability, has been removed from school buildings.

Both the resolution and the classes were targeted by five new members of the board who have all received the backing of the conservative political action committee Francis Howell Families, according to The Associated Press.

On its website, the Francis Howell Families PAC lists issues it’s concerned about, including “critical race theory” and “obscene books in your child’s library.”

During the board vote, members of the community, including resident Tom Ferri, spoke up to express their disagreement with the board’s decision.

“Tapping into a diverse talent pipeline would be a great way to slow attrition, but what diverse staff wants to work in a district waging culture wars?” Ferri asked.

Protests were held outside the board meeting after the decision was made to drop the courses.

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