Kamala Harris urges White House to show more concern for Gaza crisis


Vice President Kamala Harris has expressed to other members of the administration her desire for the White House to publicly demonstrate greater concern for the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Harris has specifically called on President Joe Biden, among other officials, to be more empathetic towards Palestinian civilians, Politico reports.

In discussions about the ongoing conflict in Gaza, Harris has been vocal about the need to prepare for post-conflict recovery, focusing on dealing with the aftermath once hostilities cease, a high-ranking official in the administration shared.

A source close with the vice president’s office expressed Harris believes the United States should adopt a firmer stance towards Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to source, the vice president advocates for a more assertive approach in pursuing a lasting peace and a two-state solution.

The individuals describing the vice president’s role and remarks, as well as those from her team, were given anonymity to speak about confidential discussions.

Harris’s behind-the-scenes efforts to influence the White House’s messaging on the war demonstrate how Democrats, including the nation’s highest-ranking officials, are navigating a delicate balance regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Harris’ press secretary Kirsten Allen stated, “There is no daylight between the president and the vice president, nor has there been” and that the two are aligned and “have been clear: Israel has a right and responsibility to defend itself; humanitarian aid must be allowed to flow into Gaza; innocent civilians must be protected; and the United States remains committed to a two-state solution.”

“I would caution the media about citing anonymous sources in the ‘orbit’ about sensitive national security conversations between the president and vice president that take place in the Oval Office,” she added.

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