JPMorgan Chase’s account freeze on a customer sparks outrage after government check deposit. Accountability concerns arise.


JPMorgan Chase’s handling of Lois White’s account, freezing it over a government check deposit, raises serious concerns about the bank’s customer service and accountability. The abrupt termination of her account, despite providing proof and documentation, underscores potential flaws in Chase’s verification processes. The incident not only leaves White financially stranded but also highlights the broader issue of financial institutions’ power over individuals’ access to funds. JPMorgan Chase’s statement on investigating the matter suggests a reactive approach, prompting questions about the efficacy of their initial account review procedures. This case emphasizes the need for transparency and fair treatment in banking practices to prevent undue hardships on customers.

JPMorgan Chase Abruptly Freezes, Terminates Account After Customer Deposits $5,298, Refusing All Attempts To Verify Transaction: Report

A JPMorgan Chase customer says she’s practically homeless after the bank froze and then terminated her account when she deposited a government check.

Lois White was thrilled when she found out she’s one of the 800,000 Americans who qualified for a one-time payment adjustment that forgave her student loans, reports the Atlanta-based ABC-affiliated news station WSB-TV.

As part of the $39 billion debt-relief program, White received a check worth $5,298 from the federal government as a refund for overpayments. She immediately deposited the check to her Chase account with plans to use the money to take care of some bills.

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