Giant Hordes Of Illegal Immigrants Are Being Brought Into The U.S. Just In Time For The Societal Meltdown Of 2024


by Michael

Are they trying to destroy our nation on purpose?  At a time when our economic problems are rapidly progressing, we are already involved in multiple global conflicts, and we are on the verge of the most chaotic election season in American history, wave after wave of illegal immigrants is being brought into the United States.  Cities all over the country have already been absolutely overwhelmed by vast hordes of illegal invaders, but more just keep pouring in with each passing day.  In fact, more illegal immigrants are arriving at our borders this month than we have ever seen before

Border officials reported the highest number of migrant crossings ever, with a seven-day average of more than 9,600 in December, a Homeland Security official told CNN.

The record-smashing figure is the average across the entire southern border of the country. In November, the figure sat at 6,800 – meaning the southern border has seen an influx of 3,000 more arrivals per day as migrants continue to pour through the border.

‘That is a historic number,’ Texas Rep. Tony Gonzales said last week from crossing hot-spot of Eagle Pass, Texas. ‘Yet, more people are coming. And there’s more people in the pipeline.’

If these people want to come and live in the United States, they should go through the appropriate legal channels.

But instead giant hordes are showing up at our borders illegally because they know that the Biden administration will let them in.

And those that enter our nation illegally are much more likely to engage in illegal activity once they are here.

Over the long Christmas weekend, Border Patrol agents were being swamped by an enormous tsunami of human suffering

Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 29,000 migrants during the extended Christmas weekend. While most American families enjoyed the celebrations of Christmas with family and friends, Border Patrol agents stayed to their tasks of processing, transporting, caring for, and eventually releasing thousands of migrants pushed across the border by human smuggling cartels.

Border Patrol agents assigned to the nine southwest Border Patrol sectors apprehended at least 29,000 migrants who illegally crossed the border between ports of entry between December 22 and 25, according to unofficial Border Patrol reports obtained by Breitbart Texas. On Thursday, December 21, agents apprehended at least 9,000 more migrants. This brought the total for the last five days to at least 38,000 migrant apprehensions.

Many migrants are murdered or raped along the way.

But they just keep coming because they have been promised that Joe Biden will let them in if they can just get to the border.

Right now, another absolutely massive caravan that is being led by “Mexican activist” Luis Rey Garcia Villagran is on the way to the United States

The biggest migrant caravan for 18 months set off for the US from Mexico on Christmas Eve as border crossing records continue to tumble.

Around 10,000 people led by Mexican activist Luis Rey Garcia Villagran left the southern Mexican border town of Tapachula for the long march north as more of those already at the US border finished their journey this evening.

Needless to say, these caravans are being given a tremendous amount of outside assistance.

Globalist NGOs provide highly detailed maps and very specific instructions to illegal immigrants that are coming north.

And once they arrive, those same NGOs often provide illegal immigrants with transportation

What’s becoming increasingly evident is that a network of NGOs funded partly by the US taxpayer but by other countries and corporations are covertly facilitating the invasion of illegals at the US southern border, as well as distributing them across the US into progressive metro areas.

According to an August report by progressive left-leaning media watchdog organization Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting, President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security allocated $363 million to NGOs to assist illegal aliens once in the US.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott released a press release one year ago detailing how “NGOs may be engaged in unlawfully orchestrating other border crossings through activities on both sides of the border, including in sectors other than El Paso.”

Once across the border, NGOs are also helping migrants with transportation across the US, such as providing seats on commercial airlines.

Hundreds of millions of our tax dollars are being used for this.

We are literally funding an illegal invasion of our own country.

Our politicians know that this is happening, but they refuse to stop it.

The truth is that they could end illegal immigration and secure our borders if they really wanted to do so.

All that would be necessary would be to reallocate just a fraction of the money that is being recklessly wasted each year.

Senator Rand Paul just released his yearly report on government waste, and some of the things that he has revealed are beyond shocking

This year, I am highlighting a whopping ~$900,000,000,000 of waste, including an NIH grant to study Russian cats walking on a treadmill, Barbies used as proof of ID for receiving COVID Paycheck Protection Program funds, $6 million to promote tourism in Egypt, and $200 million to ‘struggling artists’ like Post Malone, Chris Brown, and Lil Wayne.

We have the resources to secure the border.

But our politicians simply will not do it.

And so now we will all pay the price.

Right now, chaos is already erupting on a regular basis in the streets of our major cities.

As this election season brings the anger and frustration of the American people to a crescendo, the chaos in our streets will get even worse.

And adding thousands of additional illegal immigrants to the mix on a daily basis is certainly not going to help matters.

The stage is set for a societal meltdown of absolutely epic proportions.

Crime rates are soaring, we are in the midst of the worst drug crisis in U.S. history, and illegal immigrants are fueling the growth of gangs all over the nation.

The left wanted to bring in millions of illegal immigrants, and now it has happened.

Unfortunately, nobody is going to be able to control the nightmare that they have created, and that is really bad news for all of us.

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