Gateway: Beyond the Headlines 12/21/2023 — Exclusive Insights on Colorado’s Decision with GOP Chair Dave Williams, Julio Rosas at Border and Joe Rossi from Georgia! – 8 PM ET | The Gateway Pundit


Tonight, Ivory leads off the show with more on the Colorado ruling knocking President Donald Trump off the ballot – Dave Williams, Chair of the Colorado GOP joins to discuss.

The crisis at the border continues to mount as more and more illegals flood in. Independent investigative reporter Julio Rosas joins us from Eagle Pass, Texas

Georgia was ground zero in the 2020 Presidential election, Joseph Rossi joins Ivory to discuss ongoing election integrity efforts.

If you thought Democrats were coming for your guns, you were right! Ivory discusses the latest California firearm ban.

And finally, Ivory talks about wrestling great Hulk Hogan’s baptism and what one politician in Virginia chose to get sworn into office on instead of the Bible – the answer will shock you!


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