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Back in 2019, the accidental fire that partially destroyed the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris shocked and saddened Christians around the world.

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In the immediate aftermath of the tragedy, a vest number of disturbing ideas and rumors circled around, regarding the plans for reconstruction – from the absurd suggestion that a Mosque would be erected in its stead, up to the also enraging possibility of building a cathedral following a new, modern architectural project.

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Given the present state of Western culture, none of the horrible ideas seems out of the realm of possibilities – so it was a relief to know that the restoration would follow the original design, originally built in 1163, that made Notre Dame of Paris one the of the most beloved Christian temples in the planet.

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Now, roughly one year before the temple is set to reopen to the faithful and the public, a new development is again worrying public opinion.

The Guardian reported:

‘A plan backed by the French president, Emmanuel Macron, to replace stained-glass windows in Notre Dame Cathedral’s side chapels with contemporary creations has been criticized as “vandalism”.

A petition has been signed by more than 120,000 people to retain the original windows. Critics say the change would destroy the architectural harmony of the historical building that was ravaged by fire in April 2019.

During a visit to the 13th-century cathedral this month, Macron announced the windows in six of the seven chapels in the south aisle would be removed and replaced by contemporary stained-glass windows that would be chosen in a competition.”

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Besides the fact that the 19th century stained glass windows by Violet-le-Duc have become an integral part of the Cathedral’s visual and appeal, there is also the problem that the change was suggested by the new Archbishop of Paris, Laurent Ulrich, who wrote to the Élysée Palace suggesting that a series of six new windows be commissioned.

Appointed by Francis, Ulrich is a ‘reformist’ like him, so there is a natural concern that his ‘peculiar’ ideas would permeate the new windows’ artwork. – not to mention that a competition would transform the choice into a ‘popularity contest’ and may end up with poor, unsuitable choices.

As you would expect, French President Macron gave his full approval to the idea, but more than 122,000 people have signed a petition launched two weeks ago, demanding that the original windows remain. The petition reads:

“The stained glass windows in Notre Dame designed by Viollet-le-Duc were created as a coherent whole. It is a genuine creation that the architect wanted to be faithful to the cathedral’s gothic origins.”

The cathedral is due to reopen on 8 December 2024.

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