Decades-long Jewish influence on PM’s, governments and the ABC –


The architects of the Voice referendum, at the closing ceremony of the Indigenous Constitutional Convention in 2017, from left, Indigenous leader Noel Pearson; Mark Leibler and Pat Anderson, Referendum Council co-chairs; and Professor Megan Davis, UNSW’s pro vice-chancellor, Indigenous.

Arnold, Bloch, Liebler the Jewish law firm which acts for the Australian Labor Party, numerous ALP politicians including former PM Bob Hawke, and a handful of Liberals calls the tune in Australian political policy.

The Murdoch media’s (Sky News) howls of derision and condemnation of PM Albanese for supporting the Muslim Hamas terrorists is drowning out Mark Liebler’s stern advice to the federal government.

But Albo’s NSW seat of Grayndler has a large portion of Muslim voters and like every Labor pollie he knows on which side his bread is buttered.

Labor Member for Watson Tony Burke, tipped to be the next PM after Albanese pulls out, is not so lucky. He is totally controlled by the Lakemba Mosque.

What recriminations there will be for Airbus Albo and Australia is yet unknown but Israel could organise its Australian branch of Mossad to run another Port Arthur shootout or cut off the money through its Rothschild Bank?

We could ask the closeted Jew John Howard for his take?

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