Chicago Mayor to Punish High Achieving Students by Eliminating City’s Selective-Enrollment Schools in the Name of ‘Equity’ | The Gateway Pundit


Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is going to punish students who work hard and do well by eliminating the city’s selective-enrollment high schools and it’s all happening in the name of the progressive concept of equity.

Instead of striving to make everyone excel, the city is going to drag down the students who manage to study and get good grades. They want to make everyone equal. Equally miserable.

Additionally, Johnson promised not to do this while he was campaigning for mayor.

The Daily Mail reports:

Chicago’s progressive Mayor Brandon Johnson announces plans to ax Windy City’s high-achieving selective-enrollment high schools to boost ‘equity’ despite promising not to during election campaign

Chicago’s progressive mayor has announced plans to axe the Windy City’s high-achieving selective-enrollment schools to boost ‘equity.’

Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Board of Education has proposed shifting back toward neighborhood schools – away from the system where kids compete for selective programs.

But when he was campaigning to become Mayor, Johnson put out a statement saying that he would not get rid of Chicago’s selective-enrollment schools.

According to the Chicago Tribune, woke Johnson specifically said: ‘A Johnson administration would not end selective enrollment at CPS schools.’

Now, he is seen to be back peddling – by allowing a vote to stop gifted children from lower income backgrounds from academically competing to get into high-performing schools.

Much of this has to do with Johnson’s ties to the Chicago Teacher Union.

RedState reports:

The parents of Chicago’s students should have seen this broken promise coming down the pike. Johnson is a former employee of the Chicago Teachers Union, more specifically, their legislative coordinator. Johnson has been described as “hand-picked” by the union to run for mayor. As of June 30 of this year, CTU has given around $2.6 million to his campaign. It is unclear if CTU was paying Johnson’s salary while he was campaigning. But the residents of Chicago are quickly finding out, not just because of this broken campaign promise but also because of Johnson’s steadfast insistence that Chicago is a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants, that elections have consequences. Many residents recently attended a City Council meeting to protest not only Chicago’s sanctuary city status but also the plan to erect tent cities in predominantly black and Hispanic neighborhoods in the city.

This is completely unfair to Chicago students who work hard and their parents who have high hopes for them.

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