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California on Tuesday approved turning sewage directly into drinking water.

California regulators approved the new rules to help the drought-prone state secure a new source of drinking water.

If only there was a giant ocean next to California.

Colorado has already approved a similar measure.

“California’s new rules would let — but not require — water agencies take wastewater, treat it, and then put it right back into the drinking water system. California would be just the second state to allow this, following Colorado.” – AP reported.

The treatment facilities are expensive to build so only ‘well-funded’ cities will have them.

“California’s new rules require the wastewater be treated for all pathogens and viruses, even if the pathogens and viruses aren’t in the wastewater. That’s different from regular water treatment rules, which only require treatment for known pathogens, said Darrin Polhemus, deputy director of the division of drinking water for the California Water Resources Control Board.” AP said.

Governor Newsom in the past imposed mandatory water restrictions amid drought conditions.

Outdoor watering is usually restricted amid drought conditions, however, in 2018 California passed a law targeting indoor water consumption.

In 2018, then-California Governor Jerry Brown (D) signed a law that would severely restrict the amount of water people can use inside of their homes.

The government of California will now be monitoring people’s toilet flushes, showers, and laundry use.

Under the new water use limits, each person will barely have enough ‘daily water allowance’ to do one load of laundry and take an 8-minute shower.

By 2030, Californians will be limited to 50 gallons per person per day.

No wonder why people are fleeing California or considering leaving the state.

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