Breaking down Canada’s SHOCKING immigration numbers


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It’s no secret Canadians are struggling with a housing crisis amid record high immigration numbers. But Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government seems to have no plan to slow things down, and Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre speaks about housing issues but rarely immigration reform.

On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra broke down some shocking numbers released by the Bank of Canada showing the explosion in immigration and the cause and effect behind it.

With data suggesting the housing crisis is unlikely to relent any time soon, and Canada’s major political parties unwilling to address the issue, Ezra said:

They say there’s a lack of people in construction — I believe it. But there simply couldn’t be enough to build houses for a million-plus people per year. And yet Trudeau insists on doing that.

I watched Pierre Poilievre’s 15-minute infomercial, and he had a few good points. He talked about printing money, and he talked about inflation. And he was exactly right.

But if you are not willing to talk about immigration, and the vast numbers of people who are coming into this country — you will never solve the housing pricing issue.

You will cause damage to our health and education systems, to traffic, to crime, to homelessness. And as we’ve seen in the streets of this country, to cultural fit.

Until someone in this country has the courage to talk about immigration reform, these problems simply won’t go away.

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