BIDEN’S AMERICA: Number of Homeless Veterans Rose by 7 Percent Over the Last Year – Highest Jump Ever Tracked | The Gateway Pundit


A new study has found that the number of homeless veterans in the United States rose by 7 percent in the last year, which is reportedly the highest jump ever tracked.

This is a problem that has always bothered most Americans, but is even more frustrating today as we see our political leaders in various cities and states scrambling to find shelter for people who have entered our country illegally.

Veterans should take priority over everyone, let alone people illegally crossing our border.

Breitbart News reports:

Number of Homeless Veterans Rose Over 7% in Last Year — Highest Jump Ever Tracked

The number of homeless veterans rose more than seven percent from 2022 to 2023 — the largest yearly jump since the government began tracking the metric more than a decade ago, according to a recently-released government study.

The study from the Department of Housing and Urban Development showed an increase of more than 2,400 veterans without stable housing in the past year over the prior year, bringing the total of homeless veterans to 35,574.

According to the report, advocates for homeless veterans say the actual number of veterans without housing is likely even higher, given the limitations of the survey.

Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough said in a statement that the White House planned to increase grant programs to prevent homelessness among veterans.

This is shameful. We should not have any homeless veterans.

There always seems to be money to send overseas.

If Trump wins in 2024, he should make this issue a top priority.

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