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AHPRA, the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, the corporation that operates unconstitutionally and unlawfully as a “regulator” of the nation’s doctors and other health practitioners, has backed down from it’s notorious Covid19 Vaccination Position Statement.

Issued on March 9th, 2021, the statement formed the basis of the state and federal governments’ ruthless censorship and punishment of any doctor or other medical practitioner who spoke up or warned against the now discredited mRNA vaccinations, lockdowns, masks and other scamdemic dictates.

The 15-page statement now appears on the Ahpra website with the word “superseded” printed across every page. Suspended Queensland doctor William Bay, speaking on the Voice of Freedom channel on Rumble, said that Ahpra, on December, declared the statement “superseded”.

He said the statement was basically the gag order used in all the crimes committed by authorities during the scamdemic, especially those involving the so-called vaccines, “but more accurately described as gene therapy or a bioweapon.”

“Thus they have backed down and allowed the nurses and doctors of Australia, in my opinion, to throw off the yoke, the chains and the mind control. Ahpra are now telling all Australians the truth about the so-called vaccines, which is simply that they are not safe or effective.

Dr Bay remains suspended from his profession, but continues to work to expose Ahpra, particularly through the courts. Dr Bay had a partial victory in the High Court when the State Government of Queensland failed to appear as a respondent in his case against Ahpra. Dr Mark Hobart of Melbourne is also taking his suspension to the High Court.

Dr Bay said he and Dr Hobart and another doctor had been punshed severely for speaking out freely against the so-called vaccines and that was primarily because of the Ahpra position statement, which said a GP could not criticise the government or a Covid vaccine.

“Now that this position statement is in the bin, there is nothing, in my opinion, stopping doctors and nurses from speaking freely now including GPs and I would encourage them to go for it,” said Dr Bay. “If they (were) afraid before, don’t be afraid now. We don’t have that position statement any more.”

Dr Bay said there was some concern about the FAQs on the Ahpra page but they were only FAQs and people shouldn’t be concerned about them. “People have got to harden up, and learn to put their patients first and stop worrying about regulators, especially when these regulators (Ahpra) are an illegal corporation based in Victoria that purports to run the country and has got absolutely no authority, whatsoever, at all.”

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