Academics Accuse Harvard President Claudine Gay of Refusing to Share Research When Questioned Over Data in 2001 Stanford Paper | The Gateway Pundit

Harvard University President Claudine Gay (Screenshot: Harvard University/Youtube)

The Gateway Pundit reported on allegations that Harvard President Claudine Gay may have committed academic misconduct by plagiarizing her PhD thesis, potentially breaching Harvard’s academic code of ethics.

Having made history as Harvard’s first black President in 2023, Gay’s academic credentials, including her bachelor’s degree from Stanford and her master’s and PhD from Harvard, have come under intense scrutiny.

Now, The New York Post reports that Gay allegedly refused to share her research with two professors who questioned a data method she used in a 2001 Stanford paper they say “often resulted in ‘logical inconsistencies.’”

The 2001 study, titled “The Effect of Black Congressional Representation on Political Participation,” was one of four peer-reviewed articles that helped land Gay tenure at Stanford University, but its merit could not be properly reviewed by everyone, according to a post on the Dossier by Christopher Brunet.

In 2002, Michael C. Herron, the Remsen 1943 professor of quantitative social science at Dartmouth, and Kenneth W. Shotts, the David S. and Ann M. Barlow professor of political economy at Stanford Graduate School of Business, claimed to debunk the very foundation of Gay’s research.

At a conference of the Society for Political Methodology (PolMeth) that year, Herron and Shotts presented their research, finding inconsistencies in Gay’s paper where she concluded that the election of black Americans to Congress negatively affects white political involvement and rarely increases political engagement among black people.

The researchers noted in a 2002 paper during their probe into Gay’s research methodology that “We were, however, unable to scrutinize Gay’s results because she would not release her dataset to us.”

Christopher Rufo of the Manhattan Institute in New York reported on details of the accusations against Gay.

One accusation is that Gay lifted material from scholar Carol Swain.

As Gay was exposed, Miami University professor Anne Williamson came forward with additional accusations that her work was also plagiarized by Gay.

The Gateway Pundit reported that billionaire Bill Ackman claims that Gay has been asked to resign from Harvard under the weight of the plagiarism scandal and her disastrous testimony in front of the House Education Committee, where she failed to condemn students on campus calling for the genocide of Jews, but she has refused.

Further, if she is fired, she has allegedly retained legal counsel and threatened to sue.

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