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Maori Party MP Debbie Ngarewa-Packer and the tattoo-darkened face of fellow MP RawirI Waititi, who are both strong on “indigenous messaging”.

A REGIONAL indigenous organisation in New Zealand is doing exactly what an Australian Aboriginal activist has warned against, indigenous movements forming business and political alliances with the global corporatocracy.

In their latest venture, Waikato-Tainui, a corporate indigenous Maori tribal alliance in New Zealand, has opened a five-star luxury hotel operating under the international Pullman brand at Auckland Airport. The $200 million hotel is a 50:50 joint venture between Tainui Group Holdings (TGH) and Auckland Airport. The hotel operator is Accor Pacific.

And Waikato-Tainui is more than just big business, it is politically active and has already issued veiled threats to the new coalition government of New Zealand over their planned rollback of the indigenous agenda.

Named Te Arikinui Pullman, their new hotel is named after the Maori King (Kīngi) Tūheitia’s late mother. The Maori king, coincidentally, has “all the right connections” with the key players on the global stage. He had a private audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican in May 2019 and attended the coronation of Charles III and Camilla in London, in May of this year.

Significantly, in their 2019 Vatican visit, King Tūheitia and members of the Whare Ariki (royal household) discussed issues pertaining to Maori and indigenous peoples around the world. The Jesuit Pope, of course, is a globalist and leftist, and therefore a supporter of the UN and UNDRIP (Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples).

Meanwhile Waikato-Tainui has also developed a “commercial superhub” in Hamilton, the centre of their tribal region. It includes a partnership with Kmart in setting up a national distribution centre or inland port. While such developments employ people and can be seen as beneficial to the economy – aside from the fact that K-Mart is a distributor of Chinese goods made by slave labour – the earnings from this business go exclusively to the 85,000 members of the “iwi” (tribe or group of tribes or nation).

In a glowing report by 1News, Waikato-Tainui is described as a “$2 billion iwi on track to distribute more than $30 million to tribal members this year, and is one of the pacemakers of the Māori economy”. Is “the Maori economy” part of the New Zealand economy? Or is it a separate economy set on a path to separate nationhood as endorsed by UNDRIP and the World Economic Forum?

That is exactly the warning made by lawyer and Aboriginal adviser Josephine Cashman in regard to the Aboriginal elite and other elite indigenous movements. She calls the WEF and UN-based strategy Empire 2.0 “a global plot that revolves around the recolonisation of the planet”.

“I aim to shed light on the divide-and-conquer tactics, which aim to condition everyday people into accepting the idea of separate First Nations and ultimately dismantling countries for the sake of global governance,” Cashman says on her Substack pages.

“The Empire 2.0 represents a complex plot that goes beyond traditional notions of colonisation. It involves a treasonous plan to reassert the dominance of apex globalists. The handlers of our compromised political class of co-offending useful idiots, aided and abetted by the United Nations system and the big lie media.

“They seek to reshape the world order in their favour. This plot capitalises on divide-and-conquer tactics. Apex globalists have created new divisions, as they exploit existing ones to weaken nations and pave the way for global governance.”

Cashman says the Welcome to Country practice is global, and while often presented as a gesture of respect towards Indigenous peoples and their connection to the land, sinister implications are at play.

“This practice serves as a divide-and-conquer device, subtly conditioning the general public to accept the notion of separate First Nations, grooming us into becoming ‘global citizens’ with no loyalty to our fellow countrymen and no nationality, belonging nowhere, with no allegiance to anything or anyone. They are trying to severthe connection to our forefathers, our history. They want to dismantle our connection to each other and our country,” she says.

New Zealand Deputy PM Winston Peters is now leading a pushback against the “indigenisation” of the country, but faces formidable odds in the form of indigenist-activists in Waikato-Tainui and other regional Maori organisations earning millions of dollars from their investments.

An exchange in Parliament between Peters and Debbie Ngarewa-Packer, deputy leader of the Maori Party (“Te Pati Maori”) illustrates this tension between the conservative, nationalist Kiwi Peters and the new generation of neo-Marxist indigenous types with their perpetual victimhood, flaunting their hip indigenous chin and face tattoos, giant tiki necklaces and insisting on asking parliamentary questions in “te reo Maori” (Maori language) (see 4min45sec mark on video).

Another of the tactics in the indigenous agenda is to rename everything from English to indigenous. “By altering the names of cities, landmarks, and even historical events, the recolonisation plot aims to erase the existing cultural and historical identities of nations,” says Cashman. “This process is a deliberate attempt to maliciously distort historical facts by reshaping our social memory, our history; to control the people in order to control our wealth and our natural resources.”

That process is already underway in Victoria, where the Labor Socialist Left under Andrews has pushed the indigenous agenda to the point where regional indigenous groups must be consulted on names of roads and natural features. They have also banned access to previously popular rock formations.

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