Washington Post Publishes Tired Hit Piece on The Gateway Pundit – Says the Silent Part Out Loud | The Gateway Pundit


The Washington Post published its latest hit piece on The Gateway Pundit this week.

The report featured our stellar reporting on the Michigan GBI Strategies voter registration harvesting scandal.

And, of course, the article was short on facts and heaped full of fake news and outright fabrications – what we’ve all come to expect from the WaPo the past several years.  After all, this is the same publication that was awarded a Pulitzer for their completely fraudulent reporting on President Trump being Putin’s puppet – from tips that were provided by their deep state comrades in an attempt to impeach President Trump and sully his name.  The WaPo has yet to show any integrity and return this undeserved Pulitzer prize back to the committee.

In this latest hit piece, WaPo journalist Sarah Ellison serves her leftwing masters and attempts to rip apart our stellar reporting on the Michigan GBI Strategies voter registration harvesting scandal.

Sarah Ellison forgets to mention in her shoddy report that The Gateway Pundit based our reporting on a three-year-old Michigan police report that was buried and ignored by the state media for years – until The Gateway Pundit reported this to our national audience.

Sarah Ellison also forgot to mention that the police in Michigan stand by their original reporting on the over 10,000 fraudulent and suspect registrations that were turned into the Muskegon clerks.

“The Report Speaks for Itself” – Michigan State Police Officer Stands By His Explosive Report on the Massive GBI Strategies Registration Scandal

And, Sarah Ellison ALSO forgot to mention that The Gateway Pundit reported proof that GBI Strategies was turning these registrations into numerous offices around the state!

** We will dive into fraudulent details of the WaPo hit piece in upcoming reports on The Gateway Pundit.

In our first read of this targeted hit piece against The Gateway Pundit, Sarah did make very clear to conservative Americans — DO NOT report on Democrat-linked left wing election fraud and “irregularities” or there will be consequences!

That was very clear from her report.

Did you catch that? Under the new “democratic” rules of the left – If you challenge ANY FRAUD, IRREGULARITIES, CRIMINAL ACTIONS, MISSING BALLOTS, MACHINE MALFUNCTIONS, FRAUDULENT VOTER ROLLS, LATE NIGHT BALLOT DROPS, etc. — You will face consequences. Just ask America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani!

Now they’re even putting their threats in their favored legacy media outlets. They’re not even hiding it anymore.

The Gateway Pundit will not be daunted by this latest threat. We promise to continue to provide you with the most courageous and honest reporting on the internet today.

And, FYI… We will have much more to say about this WaPo hit piece in future reporting.

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