Video: Texans Assault Gaza Peace Activist at Greg Abbott Speech


Last Updated on January 15, 2024

A pro-Israel mob of Texas Republicans assaulted an activist for peace in Gaza at a campaign event in Collin County as he heckled Governor Greg Abbott, who was speaking for the re-election of State Representative Candy Noble.

At least two demonstrators were forced out of the campaign event by security and the attendees themselves, with one of the demonstrators shouting “The IDF are a terrorist organization” in the middle of Abbott’s speech before he was jumped by members of the audience.

In footage of the event broadcast by local media, the audience members can be seen throwing punches at the man as they shove him toward the exit.

His companion appears to have fared better, having been quickly jerked out of the event without facing any obvious punches, at least in the footage that’s been broadcast.

Watch the footage below: 

The pro-Israel Republican crowd’s assault on the heckler comes despite the GOP’s frequent claims that they are the party of free speech and the First Amendment.

But using intimidation and other means to bar speech and activity that isn’t pro-Israel is nothing new for Texas, where state employees and contractors have been required by the state, to varying degrees over the years, to sign pro-Israel oaths.

The oaths mostly revolve around vowing to do business with Israel and Israeli corporations and opposing the “Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction” movement that seeks to economically oppose Israeli treatment of Palestinians.

And it isn’t just Texas.

A huge majority of American states, 35 in all as of this year, have laws on the books that require state contractors and employees to promise not to boycott Israel.

The laws are on the books despite a majority of Americans opposing them, and they’ve become a point of contention as Americans have begun to question the vast influence that Israel has over American life; politically, culturally, economically, etc.

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