Video: Israelis Mock Peace Calls While Destroying Residential Buildings in Gaza


Last Updated on January 4, 2024

A pair of masked Israeli soldiers are the stars of a viral video in which they mock calls for peace in Gaza and the wider Middle East before detonating explosives and flattening a residential neighborhood. The video shows just the latest Israeli attack on civilian targets which, as of late, have included Christian churches and monasteries, as well as the Christian-owned Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem, where Jewish “settlers” and business interests, backed by the Israeli government, are attempting a 21st-century ethnic cleansing.

“We are the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces,” a masked Israeli says in video footage recorded in the Gaza Strip, a residential neighborhood clearly visible behind him.

“I say to Hamas, despite what happened on October 7, despite dozens of days of fighting in Gaza, we came to talk about forgiveness.”

“[We came] to rethink rebuilding, the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip,” he went on, before stopping his speech as his masked comrade stepped into the video frame and detonated a series of explosives that flattened the neighborhood behind them.

Watch the video footage below: 

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Israel’s ongoing war with Hamas has taken a massive toll on civilian populations, specifically children, with the United Nations dubbing the Gaza Strip a “graveyard” for kids. More than an estimated 10,000 children have been killed there since October, in addition to thousands of other civilians, of all stripes.

Despite reports of massive casualties on both sides of the conflict, it appears that the war has just begun and has the potential to expand as Israel strikes in Lebanon and perhaps elsewhere.

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Additionally, Israeli aggression has not only impacted Muslims but has also led to “massive coordinated attacks” against Christians.

As National File reported, in addition to the Israeli bombing of Christian sites and medical facilities in Gaza, the Jewish state marked the Christmas holiday by bombing a more than 600-year-old monastery in Southern Lebanon before setting upon Christian clergymen in Jerusalem with “nerve agents” and other weaponry.

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