Veteran pilot’s family blocked from selling house to cover legal bill, as pilot languishes in jail without a hearing –


Australia has assisted US authorities to lock up an Australian fighter pilot and Australian citizen, Dan Duggan without formal charges.

Since then, he has attended court and the decision was to allow both the US and Australian governments an additional 7-months to present documents to his defence lawyer to present their case before the courts.  This means that Dan would have spent some 18-months in a maximum security penitentiary without being offered any genuine opportunity to defend the allegations made against him.  This is a continued breach of his human rights that no one in the Albanese government gives a damn about.

Saffrine Duggan fighting to save her innocent husband

This situation has placed Dan’s wife ‘Saffrine’ and their six children in dire financial circumstances.  

To add further injury to the situation, Saffrine has attempted to sell her country property in an effort to pay mounting legal and family bills.

Sale of house to assist with legal costs been blocked by Australia

Recently, the Australian government intervened in the sale claiming that the United States Government had a claim over the property.  this means the sale is now in limbo.  

Saffrine is becoming hopeless – not only because of the unpaid bills, but because the Australian Government is forcing the family into poverty, while her husband is languishing in jail as an innocent man without a trial and no sentencing.

One of our supporters is suggesting that if there are any Cairns News readers located in the vicinity of the Lithgow Correctional Centre, that they may like to visit Dan in prison to see how he is and to encourage him.  We feel sure that he would appreciate receiving some regular visits from concerned Australians.

Any feedback visitors might care to post in the Comments below about their visit to Dan would be most appreciated .

Below is the latest information Saffrine Duggan has released about her current predicament.

We may have to wait several days before knowing if the NSW Supreme Court will throw out a bid to seize my property, despite crucial errors in the court papers. We need your help more than ever. Please make a donation if you can:  

The Guardian and AAP report Dan’s lawyers were seeking to have the order to seize my assets discharged because it was based on incorrect information, wrongly alleging Dan was the director of my company. 

I was in the process of selling the house to help fund Dan’s big legal bills and a future for the kids. 

In court yesterday the federal agent, Simon Moore, acknowledged the critical error in his affidavit, saying “I misunderstood the material and made an assumption. This assumption I made was in error and I regret that it occurred.” 

Dan’s legal team rightly argued it was “a truly unacceptable sequence of events”, and the court was not a “rubber stamp” for US authorities. We now await the judge’s decision.

So Dan’s unjust extradition pushes on at the behest of the US, despite clear issues and #HumanRights abuses. The extradition will be heard on 24 May 2024 – 19 months after he was kidnapped from a carpark in Orange NSW in October last year. 

Dan’s case has already been delayed for more than a year due to the refusal by Australian and US government departments to provide documents relevant to the case.  

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