UPDATE: Biden ‘Shocked’ as Vehicle Rams into Parked Car in His Motorcade; Secret Service Reacts, Weapons Drawn, Near Delaware Campaign HQ — Photo of the Driver Released | The Gateway Pundit


A  silver copper sedan collided forcefully into a parked SUV belonging to Joe Biden’s motorcade. The collision occurred moments after Joe Biden and Jill Biden exited a building where he was concluding a visit to his campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware.

Joe Biden and Jill Biden, although reportedly unharmed, were visibly shocked by the loud crash.

According to reports, security agents drew their weapons. The sedan, traveling fast, was stopped as security personnel surrounded it and instructed the driver to surrender.

Here’s a clearer video of Joe Biden visibly shocked by the loud crash.

Daily Mail reported:

Tight security that surrounds President Biden was breached on Sunday night after a car collided with part of the presidential parked motorcade in Wilmington, Delaware.

Secret Service agents drew their weapons on the driver as the vehicle appeared to ram into an SUV that had closed down a street while Biden attended a nearby campaign event.

The circumstances of the crash were not immediately clear.

The president  and the First Lady got into their vehicle and left had just emerged from the Biden-Harris 2024 headquarters in downtown Wilmington just after 8pm.


Following the incident, a photograph of the driver was made public. Members of the United States Secret Service were seen communicating with the individual who was driving the vehicle involved in the crash.

This story has been updated with additional information.

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