University of Toronto seeks someone to do a misinformation study


On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host Sheila Gunn Reid spoke about how the University of Toronto is looking for someone to conduct a study on ‘misinformation.’

“The one-year contract to examine ‘misinformation and news consumption in Canada’ has the potential to be extended for four years,” said Sheila.

As the Trudeau Liberals have dumped over $30 million for four years to the Digital Citizen Initiative, aimed at researchers studying what the government determines to be harmful ‘misinformation’ online, the University of Toronto (U of T) is embarking on a mission to investigate its sources.

“The Canadian Digital Media Research Network’s (CDMRN) mission is to protect and build resilience within the Canadian information ecosystem by investigating how information is produced, shared, and consumed across all mediums. This survey project is led by an academic team of researchers at the Policy, Elections, and Representation Lab at the University of Toronto,” read the MERX statement.

“However, the researchers at U of T need not look any further than Ottawa to uncover the network of misinformation plaguing Canadians. Who can forget being told that the COVID-19 vaccine stops virus transmission, only to witness the multiple-jabbed, infinitely-boosted Trudeau getting COVID every time someone looks at him wrong?” said Sheila.

Sheila added that the Liberals have frequently misled the public, and quite possibly themselves, on the content of their own legislation. With C-21, the Liberal’s most recent attack on gun ownership, the Liberals called accusations that the bill outlawed hunting rifles and shotguns “misinformation.”

However, the law did exactly that, and the Liberals had to amend that portion of the law after their lies were laid bare.

Trudeau has also accused Muslim parents of falling for right-wing misinformation for objecting to gender theory and sexualized materials in the classroom.

Liberal MP Mark Holland admitted to the House of Commons he gave misinformation to the chamber when the Liberals asserted that Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre could not pass a classified security screening.

Trudeau also claimed it was “misinformation” that his government was targeting farmers with a 30% reduction in nitrogen fertilizer use. However, internal Agriculture Ministry records demonstrated that was a lie.

Trudeau has insisted that his escalating carbon tax would result in lower costs to the consumer and more money in Canadians’ pockets.

Yet, the head of the Bank of Canada Tiff Macklem, described the carbon tax as one of the leading causes of the inflation crisis hammering Canadians’ bank accounts.

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