Ukraine Defense official arrested for weapons corruption, over $40 million; Ukraine Army staff splurges on luxury items.


They forgot to include 10% for the big guy that’s why they didn’t get away with it

via Yahoo:

“Ukraine’s SBU security service and Defense Ministry have exposed an official involved in the embezzlement of UAH 1.5 billion ($40 million) earmarked for the procurement of artillery shells for the Ukrainian military, the ministry said on Dec. 22.

According to the message, several officials were implicated in the scheme, attempting to procure ammunition that had already been contracted by the Defense Ministry at market prices. The attempt was discovered on Dec. 16.

The ministry adds that in December 2022, the chief of the department in charge of munitions production signed a contract with state enterprise Prohres without the consent of the internal audit department. In December 2023, he signed an additional agreement with the said enterprise, which was followed by a payment for services, the ministry added.”

Ukraine Army staff splurges on luxury items.


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