U.S. withdrawal from Ukraine sparks concerns of a shift in focus toward potential new conflicts; Yemen mobilizes against international coalition led by Zionist and American forces.


Zelensky ‘scales back’ military operations, blames lack of foreign aid.

Ukraine has blamed a “shortfall in foreign assistance” as it suffers a shortage of munitions, forcing it to make operations “smaller” in its Western-backed war against the Russian occupation.

General Oleksandr Tarnavskyi cited shell starvation “across the entire front line” —  what he called a “very big problem” – and what Reuters paraphrased as “the drop in foreign military aid” as being major factors in the reduced combat readiness of Ukrainian troops. Speaking to the wire service in interview, the Ukrainian military leader said the volumes of artillery “are not sufficient for us today, given our needs”, so ammunition was having to be redistributed.

He said: “We’re replanning tasks that we had set for ourselves and making them smaller because we need to provide for them… In some areas, we moved (to defence), and in some we continue our offensive actions – by manoeuvre, fire and by moving forward. And we are preparing our reserves for our further large-scale actions.” Further, the general said after nearly two years of attrition warfare, his men are “not so fresh, not so rested”.

Wash Post removes ‘War in Ukraine’ header from homepage.

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