The White House’s dance around Biden’s mental state…


As concerns about President Biden’s memory and age swirl, a call for transparency echoes through the corridors of power. The demand for the Justice Department to release transcripts of Biden’s interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur by February 19 at 5 pm suggests a quest for clarity in the face of potential cognitive issues.

In the midst of this, the White House seems adamant, asserting, “No need to test Biden’s mental capacity.” However, the call for transparency remains crucial, with Americans wanting a closer look at their leader’s mental acuity and handling of classified documents.

Carine Jean-Pierre, echoing the official stance, insists, “President Biden has a sharp mind and controls the situation in the country.” Yet, actions speak louder than words, and the veiled nature of the White House’s response raises eyebrows.

Vice President Kamala Harris’s statement, expressing readiness to assume the presidential duties if necessary, adds another layer to the unfolding narrative. While it’s reassuring to have a contingency plan, the public is left wondering about the true state of affairs behind closed doors.

As the deadline approaches for the Justice Department to produce the requested documents, the nation holds its breath, seeking transparency on a matter that goes beyond politics — the mental fitness of the Commander-in-Chief. The question remains: Will the veil finally be lifted, or will the White House continue its dance around Biden’s cognitive state?


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