Texas Board of Education Votes to Keep “Sexually Explicit” Books Out of School Libraries | The Gateway Pundit


In a win for parents on Wednesday, the Texas Board of Education voted 13-1 vote to keep “sexually explicit” books out of school libraries.

The Dallas Morning News reports the Board approved specific guidelines requiring school libraries to implement policies prohibiting inappropriate books.

The rule requires local libraries to recognize parents as the “primary decision makers regarding their student’s access to library material.” It also bars the “possession, acquisition, and purchase of harmful material” such as “sexually explicit” content.

Each Texas public school district board or governing body must approve and institute a collection development policy that describes the processes and standards by which a school library acquires, maintains, and withdraws materials.

(b) A school library collection should include materials that are age appropriate and suitable to the campus and students it serves and include a range of materials.

Read the guidelines below.

“It was a work of deep value and importance to bring the library standards to fruition. In Texas, parents have been identifying this issue to schools without the necessary support of law,” said SBOE member Audrey Young, a Trinity Republican who chairs the committee on instruction.

Rep. Jared Patterson, R-Frisco, celebrated the approval of standards to bring schools into compliance with a law he championed this year.

“To be very clear, the work before you is critically important,” he said in a letter to state board members. “The materials I personally fought are outrageous and so explicit in nature that news programs could not even show the images on screen or read the passages over the radio due to FCC standards.”

In July, Texas State Rep. Brian Harrison called on the Texas State Library and Archives Commission to immediately cut ties with the American Library Association after they elected a socialist and self-described “Marxist lesbian” as President.

The Gateway Pundit reported on recent actions by the leftists at the American Library Association (ALA), underscoring how radical the organization is.

ALA President Emily Drabinski openly shares that being a Marxist “is very much who I am and shapes a lot of how I think about social change.” She next claims that her queerness subverts “normal family types” and says that sexually explicit LGBT books are needed in children’s libraries to show “gay people doing gay things.”

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