Ted Cruz declares victory as McConnell concedes defeat, acknowledging the death of the ‘border invasion bill.’


In a Senate Republican press briefing, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) didn’t mince words, slamming the bipartisan border bill that aimed to address border security and foreign aid. Mitch McConnell’s announcement, conceding the demise of the legislation, prompted Cruz to declare a victory for those critical of the proposed changes.

The bill, marred by controversy and lacking substantial support, faced its demise after months of negotiations. Explore McConnell’s reasons for pulling the plug, the internal dynamics of the GOP, and Ted Cruz’s outspoken stance on what he deemed the ‘border invasion bill.’ As McConnell concedes defeat, Cruz stands firm in his conviction that the bill’s demise is a win for those advocating alternative solutions.



Lankford — I got run over by a republican bus.


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