Suspect Who Breached Colorado Supreme Court Identified – Ex-Wife Reveals Possible Motive Behind Attack | The Gateway Pundit


The armed suspect who broke into the Colorado Supreme Court and opened fire has been identified as 44-year-old Brandon Olsen.

Olsen was arrested early Tuesday morning after breaking into the Colorado Supreme Court and firing his weapon. State police confirmed the incident in an official news release.

The intrusion at the Colorado Supreme Court building in downtown Denver began when Brandon Olsen, who was involved in a car crash nearby, brandished a handgun at another driver, Denver7 reported.

Olsen shot out a window on the east side of the Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center, which houses the state’s highest court, and entered the building.

Olsen’s ex-wife told the Denver Post that the suspect was on drugs and suffering from mental issues after his divorce and his attack at the CO Supreme Court was not political.

“He wanted to see his children and we didn’t allow that and he just went a little crazy,” Olsen’s ex-wife Tori Schumacher told the Denver Post. “It’s not some weird political (thing) — that has nothing to do with anything.”

Excerpt from The Denver Post:

A man shot through a window and broke into the Colorado Supreme Court building early Tuesday, causing “significant and extensive” damage in several areas of the building before surrendering to police, authorities said.

Brandon Olsen, 44, faces charges of arson, robbery and burglary in connection with the incident, according to the Denver Police Department. He is accused of holding a security guard at gunpoint and starting a fire on the seventh floor of the building.

Olsen has “no affiliation politically whatsoever” and was experiencing a mental health breakdown during the incident, his ex-wife, Colorado resident Tori Schumacher, told The Denver Post on Tuesday.

“We’re just really sad this has happened to Brandon and that he hasn’t gotten the mental health help that he clearly needs,” she said. “We’re hoping for the best for him… He’s a really loving, good guy, just had a mental breakdown. Drugs will do that to you.”

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