REPORT: Pete Buttigieg Has Spent $59,000 in Taxpayer Cash Traveling on Government Jets | The Gateway Pundit


Mayor Pete, Biden’s utterly useless transportation secretary, has been traveling large on the taxpayers’ dime. Anyone surprised?

According to an inspector general report, Buttigieg has racked up almost $60,000 in plane tickets on government jets. That means that his current carbon footprint is bigger than some American cities, and he accomplished that with other people’s money.

It must be nice to be a Democrat.

FOX News reports:

Pete Buttigieg spent $59,000 in taxpayer money traveling on govt jets: inspector general

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and his staff spent nearly $59,000 traveling to official events on government-managed executive aircraft between August 2021 and June 2023, according to an inspector general audit released Wednesday.

Buttigieg opted to travel on the government fleet across eight trips and more than 20 flights, the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Office of Inspector General (OIG) determined in its months-long investigation. Though DOT has repeatedly explained that Buttigieg’s use of the jets saved taxpayers money, the audit revealed that just three of the trips were justified by “cost effectiveness,” while the others were justified by security, scheduling and communications concerns.

“Ensuring that Federal officials, including career personnel and political appointees, adhere to Federal requirements regarding the proper use of public resources is essential to maintaining public trust and confidence,” the DOT OIG report concludes.

“The Department has internal controls over the process to authorize and approve travel on official use of DOT aircraft, such as requiring legal review and approval of all aircraft use justifications, and has implemented new ones, such as expanded voucher audit criteria, to help ensure process standardization,” it continues. “Continued oversight in this area is important to maintain transparency and accountability for Federal funds.”

How not shocking.

Buttigieg’s position could be eliminated tomorrow and it would make no difference to 99.9% of Americans. He is transportation secretary in title only. His real job is being an agent for his party and trying to sell the Biden agenda to voters.

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