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By Alison Ryan

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Please sign before January 19. 23,589 have signed the petition to tell the Senate Standing Committee on Economics to reject the Digital ID Bill 2023. Let’s get to 50,000!

George Christensen started this Petition – Reject the Invasive Digital ID Bill 2023

Dear Members of the Senate Standing Committee on Economics,

The Australian Digital ID Bill 2023 and the associated Digital ID (Transitional and Consequential Provisions) Bill 2023 edge us towards an invasive surveillance state.

These bills mandate digital IDs, forcing citizens into a system that undermines privacy. They set up a framework that could compel the use of digital IDs for state government and private services, and also online services where offline access exists, even when it’s less convenient.

Centralising digital IDs significantly increases the risk of data breaches and personal information misuse. Incorporating biometric data like facial recognition directly threatens privacy and increases the risk of identity theft. This digital ID system could also lay the groundwork for an oppressive surveillance system, potentially leading to a social credit regime that links service access to ‘acceptable’ behaviour.

Every day there is a media story about a company or government department which has been hacked.

The bills enable government sharing of private data with third parties, such as banks and corporations, and offer no opt-out, effectively creating a digital prison. There is also a lack of system transparency and accountability in the bills.

These bills are not a product of democratic deliberation — no average Australian ever asked for a digital identity! — but instead, this has been an agenda imposed by globalist elite institutions like the UN and WEF. That is a clear subversion of democratic processes and a stark reminder of the growing influence of globalist agendas over national sovereignty.

As such, we demand the Senate to reject the Digital ID Bill 2023 and the associated Digital ID (Transitional and Consequential Provisions) Bill 2023.

Do not allow this overreach into our lives; we ask every Senator to take a stand for the privacy and freedom of all Australians.

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