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Let’s have a Woppa party on Great Keppel Island

Great Keppel – Leave it alone

Great Keppel Island’s name is under attack from Queensland Labor and we need your help to protect our heritage.

The government plans to change its name to ‘Woppa,’ an Indigenous name. Please sign our petition to stop this change going ahead.

The name Great Keppel Island belongs to all Australians, and we don’t think it’s right to change a name without the support of locals.

Great Keppel represents an iconic destination for domestic and international tourists and the home for a number of permanent residents.

Any move by the Queensland Government to rename Great Keppel Island to ‘Woppa’ would harm the location’s tourism potential. It will also perpetuate racial division and separatism in Australia.

Labor has already changed the name of Fraser Island (K’gari). If they get away with removing ‘Great Keppel’, which iconic community will have their name changed next? Will it be yours? 

Labor is a bad as Qantas when it comes to re-inventing the Aboriginal wheel

Kind regards

James Ashby 

One Nation Candidate | Keppel Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

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