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George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley recently appeared on FOX News to comment on Biden’s awful speech at Valley Forge where he framed Trump and Trump supporters as a threat to democracy.

Turley was not impressed by the speech and reminded the audience about Biden’s awful record on free speech.

According to Turley, the Biden administration is the worst on free speech since the administration of John Adams who left office in 1801.

Townhall reports:

Jonathan Turley Criticizes Biden’s ‘Anti-Free-Speech Administration’

Turley suggested to Fox News that Biden’s speech was hypocritical by talking about the freedom to vote despite his own party attempting to strip Trump’s name from the 2024 ballot.

During his speech in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, Biden said that defending democracy was a “central cause” of his administration. However, Turley pointed out that the Democratic Party has gone to great lengths to suppress the constitutional rights of Americans and their freedom to choose who they want running the country.

He lost me in the specifics. He talks about democracy being on the ballot but the ballot isn’t very democratic, his own party is trying to strip ballots of Donald Trump’s name to prevent people who want to vote for what appears to be the leading candidate for the presidency from doing that. So when he’s talking about the freedom to vote and have your vote count, his party is actively trying to prevent that and saying, really, you’re not just voting for me, just think you’re voting for democracy.

For those people, they really feel like, if we vote for you, do we get democracy back next time? Are we going to have all of the candidates on the ballot? I don’t think that effort will succeed. It’s worth noting when he talks about the freedom of speech, the Biden administration I have written before, is the most anti-free-speech administration since the administration of John Adams. I mean, his administration has carried out what a federal court called an Orwellian censorship program with the help of social media companies.

Here’s the video:

Biden is a tyrant. He is everything the left falsely claimed Trump would be.

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