Pro-Palestine Protesters Scaling White House Fence, Hurling Bloody Baby Dolls


by Chris Black

It’s crazy that Joe Biden got the most votes of any president in history.

People really don’t seem to like him very much at all.

New York Post:

A swarm of Pro-Palestinian supporters shouted “f–k Joe Biden” slogans as they nearly ripped down a reinforced fence outside the White House during a charged protest Saturday night.

Meanwhile, Israel is on trial at the UN, and is trying to turn the tables and put the UN on trial.

They really do cry out as they strike you.


Israel will pursue its war against Hamas until victory and will not be stopped by anyone, including the world court, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a defiant speech Saturday, as the fighting in Gaza approached the 100-day mark.

Netanyahu spoke after the International Court of Justice at The Hague held two days of hearings on South Africa’s allegations that Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians, a charge Israel has rejected as libelous and hypocritical. South Africa asked the court to order Israel to halt its blistering air and ground offensive in an interim step.

No one will stop us, not The Hague, not the axis of evil and not anyone else,” Netanyahu said in televised remarks Saturday evening, referring to Iran and its allied militias.


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