President Trump Speaks to Packed House With Massive Overflow Crowd in Clinton, Iowa – Calls Biden the “Most Corrupt President We’ve Ever Had” (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit


President Trump held a campaign event in Clinton, Iowa on Saturday ahead of the January 15th Republican Iowa Caucuses.

This was Trump’s second campaign event in Iowa on Saturday. The patient crowd waited for Trump even though he was delayed due to an issue with the flight.

The line outside to get in was endless. Only 45 can bring in such a big crowd of supporters.


President Trump called out Joe Biden’s incompetence and corruption.

“Biden. The most corrupt president we’ve ever had. The worst president we’ve ever had.” Trump said.

“Jimmy Carter is happy right now because his administration is brilliant compared to Joe Biden.” Trump continued.


Trump said that even though he is up in the polls he urged voters to not get comfortable.

“Pretend you’re one point down…You have to get out, and you have to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!” Trump said.


Trump warned of a potential depression if crooked Joe Biden and the Democrats win in 2024.

“I actually think that if for any reason something happens and we don’t win, I think we’re gonna go into a depression.” “If something happened where it gets stolen because it’s the only way they’re gonna do it. They are professional thieves.” Trump continued.


Trump 2024!

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