President Trump Publishes Rebuttal to Democrat Party’s Abuse of 14th Amendment to Remove Him from the Ballot Like They Did to Abe Lincoln | The Gateway Pundit


President Donald Trump published his rebuttal to the politicized left and their attempts to unjustly use the 14th Amendment in an unprecedented manner to exclude GOP leader President Donald Trump from the primary and general election ballot.

The entire argument was published on Truth Social on New Year’s Eve.

The 13 page document is a devastating argument against this cowardly act by the Neo-Marxist Democrat Party.

The supplemental on page 13 begins with this stunning piece of history first reported at The Gateway Pundit but ignored to this day by the mainstream state-approved media.

Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit: “The Last Time Democrats Took a GOP Candidate Off the Ballot Was in 1860 – They Would Not Allow Abraham Lincoln’s Name on the Ballot in Their Slave States.”

Democrats also attempted to remove Abraham Lincoln from the ballot. Lincoln prevailed anyway. The rest is history.

Here are the 5 Truth social posts containing the president’s rebuttal to the power-hungry Marxists.

The full document was posted on Truth Social.





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