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On Friday, President Donald Trump joined Hugh Hewitt to discuss a wide range of topics in a fired-up exchange.

The two discussed Joe Biden and the Biden crime family, America’s support for Israel, what a second Trump term will look like and more.

On Joe Biden

Hugh Hewitt:  Oh, I think we’re going to have a great year. I was just talking with Ben Domenech and Sarah Bedford. We don’t think President Biden has given more than three long interviews. I’m about to ask you maybe 20, 30 questions. We think he’s given three long interviews this year to Conan O’Brien, Stephanie Ruhle, and Scott Pelley. What do you think that tells us about President Biden?

Donald Trump: Well, he’s incompetent. And he was 25 years ago, too, if you look at his policies. But he’s grossly incompetent. He’s not fit for office. And I really think he’s a danger to democracy. I really believe that because of his incompetence.

Hewitt: Now Mr. President, I’m not going to talk to you about the trials on which you are under an order not to speak, because…

Trump: You mean the Biden trials? These are Biden trials.

Hewitt:  Yeah, I consider those orders to be…

Trump: They’re all Biden trials. Yeah, but Hugh, yeah, people have to understand these are all Biden trials. These were all inspired by and pushed by DOJ. So this is somebody attacking a political opponent like never before. Every single trial is a Biden trial. That’s okay. Go ahead.

Hewitt:  And I believe they’re unconstitutional. I believe those orders are unconstitutional. They’re broad. They’re overly broad. I think they’re vague. They’ll be reversed. But we can talk about the Colorado case.

Trump: Sure.

Hewitt:  I think that is a joke, the biggest joke I’ve seen from a state court ever. Have you already appealed it?

Trump: We’re in the process of doing it. Everybody thinks exactly what you’re saying. They’re trying to take the election away from the voters. And this is the same group, I guess it’s true. I’ve beaten them about 20 times. I beat them on emoluments. They sued me, they sue on anything. It’s a group of radical left lunatics. And they sue any time they can, and this one is really a crazy one. And if they ever did that, it would be so bad for this country, you have no idea. And you understand it would be, it would be a big problem for the country.

Hewitt:  Oh, I think it will be a 9-0 reversal. I hope it comes today. But I want to make sure you appealed.

Trump: Well, I hope so, too. I think that’s the kind of reversal. It should not be given any credit, not even the credit of one Supreme Court justice.

On Israel

Hewitt:  I agree. Now let’s move to substance. On Israel, you moved the embassy to Jerusalem. You backed the annexation of the Golan Heights. You shepherded the Abraham Accords. Given your experience with Israel, how do you assess Joe Biden’s support of Israel? He did go in the immediate aftermath of the massacre, but it’s been awfully wobbly, in my view, since then. What do you think?

Trump: Well, since then, he’s gotten weaker and weaker and weaker. But where he’s really let them down is what happened during three years. When I was president, Iran was broke. Anybody that did business with Iran couldn’t do business with the United States. And they were totally broke. They had no money. They had no nothing. And they would have made a deal if the election weren’t rigged, which you and I disagree with, which is fine. But they would have made a deal. I would have had a deal with them in one week to two weeks after the election. They were absolutely broke. I did such a job. No money for Hamas, no money for Hezbollah, no money for anybody. In fact, you once did a story on the fact that there’s very little money going out to these terror groups. Under Biden, he took away all the sanctions. Anybody, under me, anybody that did any business whatsoever, including especially the buying of oil, and I told President Xi, and I told everybody, anybody buys oil, India, France, anybody buys oil, we don’t do business with them. They were down to just selling literally drops of oil, and they were bust. They had almost no money. They were in big trouble. And then Biden came in and he made them rich. He took all the sanctions off. Now, they have $250 billion dollars. They have more money than most countries, and they’re loaded up with cash. On top of, and this is peanuts. You know, everybody talks about the trade that we made for the hostages a few weeks ago where they got $6 billion dollars for that, and then they got another $10 billion dollars because they sold some electricity to Iraq which we gave them. $10 billion dollars. Think of that. $10 billion. So, but I’m not even talking about that. The big one is they have $250 billion dollars in cash. Biden gave it to them over a three-year period by taking away my sanctions. And now, you can’t talk to them, because they’re rich as hell, and they won’t talk to the United States.

On 2024 and What a Second Trump Term Will Look Like

Hewitt: Now President Trump, you have been accused by all sorts of people in the Beltway of planning on being a tyrant and a dictator. I saw you on with our friend, Sean, and you made a joke. I thought it was a joke that you wanted to be a dictator for a day. But a bunch of them said oh, see, he’s serious, one day. So I want to put it to you bluntly. If you are reelected, will you peacefully surrender power at the end of your second term as required by the Constitution?

Trump: Of course. And I did that this time. And I’ll tell you what. The election was rigged, and we have plenty of evidence of it. But I did it anyway. The other question you should ask is you should ask the other side will you cheat on the elections, because the only way we’re going to lose is if they cheat on the elections.


Hewitt: If you are reelected…

Trump: Yes.

Hewitt: If you’re reelected, Mr. President, some of our critics said people will refuse to serve. Your former National Security Advisor, Ambassador O’Brien, was on my show two days ago. He gave me a long list of names of people who would come back, people like John Ratcliffe, Rick Grenell, Mike Pompeo, Senator Tom Cotton, Senator Joni Ernst, Senator Dan Sullivan, Congressman Mike Waltz, Congressman Mike Gallagher. O’Brien didn’t mention himself, but I’m sure he’d come back. Do you think you’ll have any doubt getting talented people on your team?

Trump: No. I have so many people, and the good news is you know, it’s very interesting. I told you this once before. So when I got elected, I was not a Washington person. I was there 17 times. I’d never stayed over, according to the press, but that’s probably right. 17 times, I never stayed over. I wasn’t a Washington, I didn’t know too many people in Washington. And lo and behold, I become president, and I go. And I had to rely on other people to give me advice, and I had a lot of great advice. We had a lot of great people, Hugh, with the biggest tax cuts and the rebuilding of the military, defeating ISIS, creation of Space Force. You know, we did unbelievable things, biggest regulation cuts in history. We had a lot of great people, but we had some people I wouldn’t have put in. Now, I know everybody. I was reliant on other people’s recommendation. And sometimes, I’d got to a RINO, I wasn’t sure if they were a RINO, and I’d get some RINO in office, or I’d get somebody that wasn’t good. I could name names very easily, but what’s the purpose? And, but for the most part, I had great people, because we had one of the most successful administrations in history. And that’s why we’re doing so well in the polls. I just see a poll came out, I’m leading by 60, 60 points nationally, leading Iowa by, I think it’s by 35 points, 30-35 points.


Trump: I’m going to redo the cities. We’re going to rebuild cities. We’re going to have tremendous power in cities. We’re going, I’m going to give immunity, something nobody’s ever even talked about, probably you haven’t even heard about it until I’ve been bringing it up over the last couple of months. I’m going to give immunity. We’re going to give a guarantee to police officers, a guarantee, because you know, an officer stops crime, and they throw them out of the police department, and he loses his pension, he loses his home, he loses his family or hers, a family. It’s a disaster. They’re afraid to do anything, and they’re phenomenal. They can stop crime immediately. So we’re going to give a guarantee that we are going to take care of their problems. Now there’ll be some bad ones, and it’s going to be a very small percentage, and I understand that. That’s what happens. You know, they’ll bring up one bad accident or incident out of 200. But we are going to give a form of immunity, it’s a guarantee that we are going to back that police person, and maybe the precinct. We might bring it to a precinct level. We might even bring it to a state level, because some of the states are having a big problem, because today, everybody gets sued for anything. I know that better than anyone. Remember, they’re all Biden suits. These are not suits. These are not indictments. These are Biden indictments. But we are going to indemnify, indemnify all police officers. They’re not going to be sued anymore, and they’re not going to lose their families and their pensions and everything else that goes with it. And we’re going to tell them to do their job. When they see 300 people walking out of a department store destroying the company, destroying the store, destroying lives, and by the way, killing people in some cases when they’re in the store and then walking out with television sets, those people are going to be hit very, very hard as they’re walking out of those doors, very, very hard. And it’s going to stop immediately.

Listen to the full interview here.

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