POLL: Joe Biden Now Underwater on All Key Issues for 2024 Election | The Gateway Pundit


Joe Biden is headed into 2024 under 50 percent on pretty much every key issue for next year’s election, according to new polling from Harvard/Harris.

Biden gets failing grades on the economy, terrorism, immigration and the border. Name the issue, and people are not happy about his handling of it.

Conservatives are right to view polls with some skepticism, but this has got to have Democrats concerned.

Breitbart News reports:

Poll: Joe Biden Faces Under 50% Approval on Key Issues Across the Board

The overall survey found Biden’s approval rating suffering, as 43 percent approve of him, while most, 55 percent, do not. For comparison, 57 percent approved of Biden in March 2021, and that figure rose to a high of 62 percent in June 2021.

Biden is struggling to garner approval on individual issues, as well. Less than half, 42 percent, approve of Biden’s handling of the economy, and 47 percent approve of him on the issue of “stimulating jobs.”

Forty-five percent approve of Biden “fighting terrorism,” and only 38 percent approve of his handling of immigration — a major issue as Democrats essentially admit that they would be able to control illegal immigration flow if they actually enforced the law, revealing this in their deal to Republicans, offering to cap illegal immigration at one million per year in exchange for $61 billion in funding for Ukraine.

That aside, just 41 percent approve of Biden on foreign affairs, and 44 percent approve of him in administering the government. Another 42 percent approve of Biden’s dealing with violence and crime in the country, 39 percent approve of his handling of inflation, and 42 percent approve of his handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

This is really the bottom line. Most people believe they were better off under Trump.

There’s no way for Democrats and the media to spin that reality.

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