VIEWER LETTERS: Why Sheila Gunn Reid is a ‘child of the oilpatch’


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Earlier this month, we asked Rebel News viewers to submit their questions, expanding last year’s end of year “Letters to Ezra” into “Letters to Rebels”.

And, on the Christmas edition of The Gunn Show, Sheila Gunn Reid answered questions Rebel viewers sent her. In this excerpt from that episode, Sheila responds to a viewer who asked her about her coverage of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s destructive oil and gas policies.

Viewer Darrel Bert Elliot wrote:

I have watched Rebel for sometime now and you don’t seem to enter the fray on what Trudeau and his henchmen are doing to oil & gas in western Canada more specific to Alberta and Saskatchewan. Why is that?

Responding to the viewer, who is perhaps a little less familiar with Rebel News than they suggested, Sheila explained how the energy beat is one she covers regularly. In addition to regularly pushing back against Trudeau’s policies, she also wrote two books critical of Alberta NDP premier Rachel Notley, whose provincial government held similar views on oil and gas.

Plus, her personal life is connected to Alberta’s oil and gas industry, too:

My husband works in oil and gas. Actually, all the men in my family work in oil and gas, including my 20-something son. So not only do I report and care deeply about this issue, but it is personal to me; I’m a child of the oilpatch.

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