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After CNN's Wednesday night town hall with former President Donald Trump, CNN hosts Anderson Cooper and Jake Tapper analyzed the event, complaining about many things including the audience.

A new study has found that only 3.4 percent of American journalists are Republicans. Did they really need to do a study to learn this? Also, doesn’t that number seem a little high?

This just confirms what everyone already knew anyway. This is why journalists at political debates often sound like they’re debating the Republican candidate – because they are. They see Republicans as opponents, not just political candidates.

It also explains why almost all of them suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Mediaite reports:

Study Finds That Just 3.4% of American Journalists Are Republicans

A new study from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications found that just 3.4% of American journalists are Republicans.

The study is based “on an online survey with 1,600 U.S. journalists conducted in early 2022” and is the latest in a series of studies stretching back to 1971 that take the temperature of the fourth estate’s partisan lean, job satisfaction, and professional attitudes.

When the first iteration of the study came out over 50 years ago, 35.5% of respondents said they were Democrats, 25.7% said they were Republicans, and 32.5% said they were Independents. The percentage that call themselves Democrats or independents have bounced around over the years, with the proportion of Democrats reaching a high of 44.1% in 1992…

The last iteration of the study before this most recent one, pegged the proportion of Republican journalists in America at 7.1%, the proportion of Democrats at 28.1%, and the proportion of Independents at 50.2% in 2013.

No one is surprised by any of this except that the number is that high.

The media does not reflect the country it reports on, that’s for sure.

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