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The city council has decided that the people of Chicago will not be allowed to vote on whether or not the city retains its ‘sanctuary city’ policy.

Democrats have spent the last several years claiming to be the defenders of ‘democracy’ but when it comes to important issues facing the people who live in Chicago, these Democrats are telling voters to pound sand.

They don’t want people to vote on this for one obvious reason. The people will say that they don’t want this policy.

NBC News reports:

Chicago City Council votes against measure to ask voters about ‘Sanctuary City’ status

Chicago’s City Council has voted against a measure that would have asked voters next year if they believe the city should maintain its statutory status as a “Sanctuary City,” or as a “Welcoming City,” amid an ongoing migrant crisis.

The council voted 31-16 against the measure during a special meeting Thursday, following weeks of heated debates.

The topic has led to tense exchanges, chaos and protests on the chamber floor and accusations of misconduct in recent weeks.

Several members of the City Council had called for a referendum to be placed on the March ballot to determine whether Chicago should remain a “sanctuary city,” a status that has been in place since 1985.

At issue is how to continue financing shelter and other essentials for more than 20,000 migrants that have arrived in the city in the last 14 months.

“I think it’s absolutely imperative we give voters the opportunity to have their view on this subject heard, especially when we’re talking about spending $255 million this year alone to take care of 20,000 migrants,” Lopez said.

Here’s a video report:

Democrats accuse Trump of being an authoritarian. You want to see what real authoritarianism looks like? Look no further than Chicago, which is telling its residents that they have absolutely no say in this policy. They will live in a sanctuary city and like it.

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