Meet the woman behind the petition calling for the end of the Trudeau government


Michelle Ferreri is the member of Parliament (MP) for Peterborough—Kawartha and Shadow Minister of Families, Children and Social Development.

She has signed her name to an official House of Commons e-petition, titled e-4701, which calls for a vote of non-confidence in the Liberal/NDP coalition government and for an election to be called within 45 days should the petition vote of no confidence pass.

She sent us an official statement, which she also posted on social media, giving the following reasons for supporting the petition:

“A relationship is built on trust. Trust is built on actions not words.

Each time someone, especially a leader doesn’t do what they say or even worse, gaslights his followers he destroys the trust.

Canadians have waited 8 years for action and what they’ve been handed is suffering.

The facts speak for themselves: Justin Trudeau has delivered record high food bank usage, homelessness, skyrocketing housing prices, an opioid and mental health crisis, a violent rise in crime and multiple ethics violations.

Misery is a powerful motivator and clearly this petition is elevating the voices of Canadians who are sick of the Trudeau imposed misery and want a leader and a government they can trust.”

The petition, which is set to close for signatures on December 24, just one day before Christmas and Justin Trudeau’s birthday, has shattered the record for signatures on a thirty-day House of Commons e-petition, reaching over 360,000 signees to date.

While MP Michelle Ferreri was unable to join us for an interview, I did speak with her and she was, despite her involvement in the petition, adamant that credit go to the person who conceived of it in the first place. The woman responsible for the record breaking petition is Melissa Outwater, a constituent of Michelle Ferreri’s who had seen enough of Trudeau’s destructive governance and wanted to do something about it.

We were fortunate to be joined by Melissa who shared about the specific concerns that prompted her to start the petition, including the housing and affordability crises caused by the Liberal/NDP coalition, and how meaningful it was to have an elected representative who was responsive and supportive of her democratic efforts. She also shared about the timing of the e-petition and how it was indeed intended as an early and certainly unwelcome gift for Trudeau’s birthday.

Outwater shared that the petition is not binding, but with enough signatures she hopes the pressure results in enough NDP and Liberal representatives coming to their senses and realizing that a vote of no confidence is needed. With the house set to resume business in late January, we won’t know what impact the petition will have until then, but clearly the more signatures, the greater the onus on Ottawa to do the right thing. If you want to sign the e-petition you can do so by clicking here.

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