Dance Troupe in Jill Biden’s Wacko Christmas Video Promotes Abolition of Police and Prisons and Educating About “White Privilege” and “White Fragility” | The Gateway Pundit


Dorrance Dance, the tap dance troupe in Dr. Jill Biden’s wacko Christmas video posted Wednesday to sharp criticism, is a radical leftist group that promotes prison abolition, defunding police and educates about white privilege and white fragility. Dorrance Dance was founded in 2011 by a white woman, Michelle Dorrance, who is dedicated to “antiracism” and leftist politics.

Jill Biden, “A bit of magic, wonder, and joy brought to you by the talented tappers of Dorrance Dance, performing their playful interpretation of The Nutcracker Suite.”

The Dorrance Dance website features a mix of promoting tap dancing and radical politics.

On the page “educate yourself” the intro reads, “For those who are investigating or have questions about white privilege, systemic racism, white fragility, and anti-racism for the very first time: answers all the basic questions in a very straightforward way.”

On the page “take action for justice & change” are promotions for prison and police abolition, “What Is Prison Abolition?; How I Became a Police Abolitionist – Derecka Purnell (Human rights lawyer)”, and a link headlined, ” 5 WAYS WHITE PEOPLE CAN TAKE ACTION IN RESPONSE TO WHITE AND STATE-SANCTIONED VIOLENCE, SURJ”

The page features links to dozens of social justice warrior campaigns and “justice” campaigns for individuals and New York City area left wing protest organizations.

The page ends with a quote by 1960s/70s communist Angela Davis: “you have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. and you have to do it all the time.”― ANGELA DAVIS”

On the “where to donate page” one subject offered is, “police abolition, bailouts & legal defense”

Among the recommended list of “national organizations” to donate to is the thoroughly corrupt and discredited Black Lives Matters 501(c)(3) group co-founded by “trained Marxists.”

Michelle Dorrance, Dance Magazine cover, July, 2017 issue.

Excerpt from Michelle Dorrance’s essay “why antiracism work is important to me“:

In my generation, to be a tap dancer is to be an ambassador to the world for the unsung history of a Black art form. Taught, encouraged, and inspired by our elders to be more than dancer/musician-performers, my generation strives to be educators, creators, innovators, preservationists, and historians. It is our job to tell the history of tap dance as a celebration of Black culture and also the never-ending struggle against systemic racism and white supremacy in this country – the origin story of appropriation in American culture.

In 2020, I am a part of the way this story plays out. I am a white tap dancer with Black cultural ancestors in a society that privileges white people and whiteness. I am easy for white audiences wanting to access and experience elements of Black culture to swallow. My whiteness is the reason you may have heard of me before two of my inspirations, Ayodele Casel and Dormeshia, not to mention the legendary inspiration, elder, and griot, Dianne Walker. It is imperative for me, and those who look like me, to acknowledge that. It is imperative for us to fight against racist norms that have defined American culture since its very origin. If we do not do enough, this story will not change.

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