Cattle Australia and cohort NFF begin ‘De-Kulakization’ of primary producers –


Stalin forced independent farmers from their properties by liquidating the Ukranian peasant class in the early 1930’s. History is now repeating itself in Australia with help from infiltrated, so-called primary producer organisations

By Lyndesy Symonds

Just like there was no / is no SARS nouvelle cov-2 pandemic crisis as announced by WHO; there is no ‘climate crisis’ as announced by the IPCC, COP28 and so on.

An armada of Charters Towers cops arrive to evict an aged cattle producer and his son from a North Queensland property in a planned De-Kulkanisation program under
way for decades

There is certainly a pandemic of covid vaxx adversities and prion diseases of the spike protein from the vaxx – and that is certainly rolling past the vaxx mandates of 2021. Similarly, there are many geo-engineered events that supposedly point to the ‘climate crisis’ which the United [Communist] Nations is gaslighting and gasbagging in order to implement the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030 – achievement of which will necessitate world government.

It is the Western nations and economies which are in the crosshairs of these Goals because the Communist Eastern Bloc has already built collectivization. Therefore the WEF Assets embedded in the Western governments focus on the destruction of agriculture and breaking supply chains.

Like other Western nations, Australia ( which can and should be a superpower in terms of our agriculture and food production) must be broken in terms of our ability to feed ourselves. WEF Assets infesting the bureaucracy and the corporate pretender political parties are working assiduously to reduce Australia to the status of failed Marxist state and humanitarian crisis.

The term : ‘De Kulakization’ is a term of Hybrid Warfare that could be applied to the policies that are being implemented upon Western nation populations by their governments.

De-Kulakization derives from Stalin’s Five Year Plan which was specifically and publicly announced for the ‘liquidation’ of Class Enemy No. 1 – namely the independent primary producer. In the execution of this Plan, the military was used against the Ukrainian Kulaks for grain raids, expropriations and executions on the land. This term is currently being used for – the state sponsored terror against the Boer farmers by the Marxist government of South Africa.

Drought, fire, removal of water are all being geo-engineered in Australia along with denial of the cattle man’s right to keep his land clear for grazing, and now implementation of policies that demand record keeping of every activity that is positively Talmudic. All of this is designed to destroy the Kulak and remove the class enemy of Kulaks from their properties.

The removal of water (Murray Darling) for an entire district of Australian farmers is, I believe, another example of De-Kulakiztion. And this policy continues with provisions for military intervention in the planning of Local Government Authorities.

Green Helmets will eventually be enforcing the 17 SDG and Agenda 30 on Australian soil.

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